We Need To Talk About Miscarriage

So previously I posted about a talk called “We need to talk about miscarriage” which I gave on Thursday 8th October at 7pm in partnership with Speak On as part of their series “We need to talk about mental health” which focuses on a range of mental health issues people are struggling with during the covid-19Continue reading “We Need To Talk About Miscarriage”

ACTifying our way out of lockdown

We’ve all been living in lockdown for about 3 months now in Scotland. We’re now on a phased plan out towards a ‘new normal’ and it’s a good time to reflect on who we want to be in the process – with our values, our family and friends, our education or work and in ourContinue reading “ACTifying our way out of lockdown”

Summer Garden Mindfulness Ideas

I’ve been really enjoying outdoor mindfulness activities in the garden with my children during the coronavirus lockdown. I thought I’d share some of what we’ve been up to – Mindful bubble blowing You could either make your own bubble mix together as a sensory play and learning experience or use ready made mix. Notice theContinue reading “Summer Garden Mindfulness Ideas”

Mental health awareness week 2020 – Launch D day

When I started writing this blog two weeks ago I gave myself until the end of mental health awareness week to get it to the point it would be good enough to launch into the public domain. I don’t want to delay launching because it’s not perfect yet, even though my mind is offering aContinue reading “Mental health awareness week 2020 – Launch D day”

Mindfulness and emotional literacy

Mindfulness practice with young children can be valuable in improving their emotional literacy, just as it can with anyone else. Regularly noticing your own thoughts and feelings in mindfulness practice can help with verbalising them through increased awareness. Because my way of using mindfulness with my children is to make it activity based, for exampleContinue reading “Mindfulness and emotional literacy”

Mindfulness and Spotting Traps

To set the theme for this post, I’d like to start by sharing a poem by Portia Nelson: I love how this poem captures the cycle of growing awareness of a problem, and how this builds over experiencing it a few times before being able to contemplate change, then trying to make change, before finallyContinue reading “Mindfulness and Spotting Traps”

Cultivating mindful curiosity

One of the wonderful things about young children is their natural curiosity about themselves, others and the world. Mindfulness perhaps like learning a language is a skill that is easy to absorb young and then carry forward as an asset into adult life. Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of mindfulness is the socraticContinue reading “Cultivating mindful curiosity”

Mindful child development

All children develop differently and at their own pace. Probably like most mums of two my experience has been that my children have developed differently from each other, each with their own unique preferences for what they want to learn about when and how and their own personality shaping how they want to go aboutContinue reading “Mindful child development”

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