Welcome. As a Clinical Psychologist and a Mum of two with experience of miscarriages, I wanted to pull together Acceptance and Commitment Therapy resources relevant to both parent and child mental health during pregnancy, loss, birth and the early years. If it helps me, my family and those I’ve worked with professionally maybe it could help you too?

ACTing through miscarriage to motherhood


Information about miscarriage, pregnancy and parenting in the early years and why ideas from acceptance and commitment therapy could help


How mindfulness can offer choices of how to notice and respond to your feelings and those of your children and partner or others in your life


How to find the serenity to accept what you cannot change and the courage to change what you can


How to defuse from unhelpful thoughts, ideas, advice, stories or expectations of you or your children where these are not workable or get in your way.

Values and committed action

Working out how to move towards what matters – and how to work out what your parenting values are and help your children develop theirs


How to increase self compassion, show compassion for other women going through miscarriage or their own motherhood journey and for our partners and children


Further help and recommended reading about ACT, miscarriage, pregnancy and early parenting

Blog posts

Here I’ve shared some experiences to help show how these ideas could help in the context of managing the challenges of miscarriage, pregnancy and parenting

ACT themed inspiration and quotes

Some favourite pick me ups

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Using ACT and CFT to survive miscarriage and baby loss


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